Loving you,

I am broken, Love. The love that was humanly possible left without a reply nor a word of goodbye. I am trying to lift up my praises to You, Love, but there are no words that can come to me without the devastation slipping through. I’m broken and I am without words.

I am surrendering, Love. The vast strength that came in the miracles of Your touch and music, is no longer there. What can I do in the midst of all this? What can I utter with words that is in pieces and tears in flushing rivers. What shall I do?

Please lift me up, Love. I am broken. I am tattered. I am sorrowful, and I don’t know what to do but to surrender into Your arms. To let You, cover me. Encasing me with Truth and Wisdom, and Joy, and Love.

Please don’t let me be close to death and to be near devastation any longer. I don’t deserve the fallacy of life that is called suffering. I am closer to You than ever, and I deserve to be loved.

I know You will come through.

Loving you,



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