Loving you,

Oh how sublime to be always in the presence of Love. Never dying, always blooming, fruitful blossoms every seasons with leaves like a tree by the stream of water, yielding its fruits for all seasons. I am forever in Love.

Oh how gorgeous I feel, when I am encased in Love, with every inch of me, surrounded by total divinity. I feel like an angel flying through the heavens, carefree and molding into the shapes of the clouds. My spirit soaring.

No matter what the world throws into the matrix of my life, I am in the midst of holiness, with sweet seeds of faith that is growing every instant of the moments in this universe. Time is a friend and no matter what the clock strikes, it is always pointing towards times of Love.

This is not a crush, it is a love that does. A love in action, and a love internal that became flesh. It takes shape and soaring in the skies, and filling every heart with songs of prayers that leads to Love, everlasting. I am forever in Love.

Loving you,




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