Loving you,

I am in awe because my life is becoming whole again. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know You are my hope and dreams. I don’t have to know what lies beyond the path that I am treading on now. I know I am in good hands.

I am in a beautiful splendor, my arms above me and my heart flying. I am happy and I didn’t anticipate all this. I know that I was not sad, but I also didn’t know how happy I can be. This whole world is now a huge opportunity that I want to journey on.

Is it a sin to lust after something? To want to wander around the world and take every person you love with you? To write my whole life and call it a novel? To share my dreams and everything I want to everyone I meet? You, Love, you turned me into a rockstar.

But for now, I am writing and placing my words to excite minds and entertain the universe. The travel is coming with me, and I am not waiting.

I love you, Love. I love you world. I am in love,



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