Loving him,

It’s true, I was in love. I think I will always love him. I can’t value the denial of love, because it’s a crime against heaven.

I felt the sorrow and I know the sadness of love that was too familiar that I realize that I was in love with him in the past. I felt the loss of companionship and I wished that I was his girl and sometimes I still wish I am his girl, completely to be in love.

I wish for his love because I think I placed him at a pedestal. The heir of an icon as if it was a worship towards heaven, although it was a sin to replace God for a man.

The angels know that somewhere on Earth, a woman will always hold a special place for her man. I wanted this man to feel the same, and hoped that he would love me as much as I was in love with him. But he didn’t and life goes on.

I kept writing to him and I told him that I was absolutely in love with him. I knew I was in love because I didn’t care for his mistakes. I counted on his affections and I placed value on each wonderful effort he made for me.

Perhaps, he was never that interested at all, although he did say “I love you,” as he kissed me. However, I shouldn’t still contemplate my life based on someone else’s decision to leave. I just wished he would call, and love me and tell me that I’m beautiful and loving.

Instead, he said, “I’d like to get on with my life,” and he ended his call to give me peace of mind.

I’ll be okay,



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