Diana Kurniawan started writing towards the end of kindergarten, after she mastered coloring and the alphabet. She didn’t shy away from composition and prose, living in Jakarta, Indonesia, in the midst of war-stories from her grandfather as well as folktales and native legends from her grandmother.

Childhood in Indonesia was uncanny, with a heart murmur, air pollution and the stench of the putrid gutter. However, she played inside the house and knew that her heart will heal and will one day love, truly and deeply. She learned how to breathe life and all of its ups and downs, since she was a child.

Immigrating to the United States was in her fortune, after a long process of application and years of waiting, finally, on June 21, 1987, Diana landed at LAX Airport with her family; and life as an Asian American began.

Her intricacies and tenacious character proved that education was a successful undertaking, and she graduated from Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School in East Los Angeles, California in 1994; and four years later, graduated from University of California, Riverside as a Biology Major. She cultivated her interest in literature, taking creative writing and compositions classes at UC Riverside, because all of her memories about Jakarta, her grandfather and grandmother, never left her. The novelty of childhood kept her alive and vibrant, although Public Health became another passion that blossomed into adulthood.


She graduated from Loma Linda University School of Public Health with a Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology and Research, and later wrote stories about her journeys in her humanitarian efforts and public health. She moved to Colorado in 2006 with her family and earned her second Masters in Public Administration from the University of Colorado, Denver, School of Public Affairs. Diana became a Professor at Metro State University in 2014, teaching Health Care Management and Public Health, and teaching invigorates her. The love for healthcare and human services kept her to write and she thrived as a human being, gaining wisdom and compassion for others. She wrote for local magazines and newspapers as well as educational websites in the fields she was and still is, most passionate about.

Her writings are about everything life has to offer: love, the human spirit, human vice, kindness, public health, social justice, humanity, violence, suffering, childhood memories, politics, culture and so many more that her heart concocts out of creativity and daily living.

One thing tied her life together throughout the many adventures and ups and downs, and that was her capacity to love. Here is Loving You.

Contact email: DKlarissa1@gmail.com


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