Loving you,

I know I am your personal triumph. I know I am a progress of work that you, Love, take seriously. I can’t believe how much progress you’ve made in the present and the past, but the future, O Love, you are astounding.

I know that no matter how much technology advances, there will always be a detail of Love imprinted in the world. That you exist, and that you belong. I know that no matter how many puppies are cloned, the old tortoise will still be the old wise man in the forest of human kind.

I am holding you dear to me, no matter how far I’ve transformed into technology. No matter how much gizmo-minded I become. Let me never forget you, Love, and that we have a mindful knowledge of your needs and desires for us. Let me never forsake you as a mere memory and novelty, when you are the very present moment that we need to keep.

I am holding you, Love, to be my companion because I believe in Love. I claim it, and I endure it. I profess you, Love, and how much you’ve helped me through. When water meets battery and burns the electrons of my cell phone, your Love keeps me grounded and found without navigation. When I am lonely and without music, I look to the sky and see the vast Love you faithfully keep me with.

Love, is it true that we are now post humans cyborgs? That we can make arms and legs and brains and transplant human minds into another? How amazing it would be for the handicap? I truly hope that benevolence, humanity and optimism will reign in the new future.

Love, have you seen our children today? They still read, and they are still kind, and yes, everyone is still afraid of war and loneliness. Please never leave us! You can’t ever leave the world to be soulfully empty without you, Love. We will always need your presence here.

Loving you,



Loving you,

You are so much deeper than the Earth’s core as I know it, and so vast than the sky that I cannot understand your scope.

I am so in love and I am with gratitude that I am writing this.

I am leaning on You as my strong tower, LOVE, and I will not rely on my own understanding.

One day, I am without you, is like a desert unoccupied by its animals. Barren and dead.

Then the next day, you appear and I am surprised because I did not anticipate you.


Who knew that you were with me and for a decade you have been in the same place I frequent, but I never noticed You before.

Who knew that the sadness will be broken up the way it is now, and I am free of that baggage.

You are so big that I cannot compare you, even to the galaxy, because You’ve made it.

I am in love, that I cannot utter a word,


Loving you,

I couldn’t believe the amount of love You’ve shown me oh Love. I am amazed that through the protest of the human race, the prosecutions over life and love, You’ve never failed to show up.

In the midst of harm, and ruckus, there was a glimmer of miracles that You never failed to give, Love. I understood now, that You won’t leave us, because we couldn’t help ourselves and we couldn’t understand You. We were trying, but others were not open to Love.

I couldn’t believe the amount of humility You’ve given us and humbled us through. Surrounded us and awoke us with Your wisdom, oh Love. You’ve graced us with so much even when we were so stubborn and didn’t want to know You.

In the midst of confusion and loosing our consciousness, You came to me. I couldn’t seem to know how or even begin to understand how You know how I need You. It was written all along, how You came to walk amongst the ruins of the city, and the blood of wars, like a beautiful fairy in a burnt forest, revival!

In LOVE, Diana.

Loving you,

Why is the potential of my life, an argument, for love? Why am I not allowed to choose and savor my moments?

Why do all relationships come to an end, but for some, last forever? What did I do wrong, to not be so lucky? Why am I the sorrow, and how come I have this role?

I struggle through my days, and my years, as if nothing was grace, and everything was a chore. I keep looking for a source of Love, and miss the mark, each time. I am still learning to forgive.

I see everything inside a dark tunnel, because I keep believing that this was meant to be.But, I am working, and still ticking, every second, with and without the bitterness.

I don’t want to feel metamorphosis in reverse, returning into its cocoon, long abandoned, and turning into a caterpillar and dying young.

I don’t want to be, the forced victim that fate wants me to be.

Still loving, and will keep loving, Diana.

Loving you,

All she wanted was Love. She passed by me at the shelter, worked her nights and her morning, all tattered up from wasted love, the human kind. If only she searched further, deeper, and dug longer, but who am I to judge her….I knew heartbreak.

All she sought was guidance. She argued to have the end bed, and took off ‘that woman’s’ blanket. “That was mine. I was here first,” she offended the Rev. “Please, calm down and we can talk this over,” he soothed her. The same Father figure she once respected finally took her to the right path.

All she hoped for was honesty. She told me that she never acted this way before, sort of rowdy, gesticulating, and overtly emotional…and all that. She took a spoon. I took the cup and poured myself some of my own coffee. She recognized me, from somewhere before, and asked, “can I ask for meds from you?” I almost gargled out my drink, and replied, “yeah,” and smiled. “Ibuprofen. Is 4 okay?” she hesitated. “Yeah, no worries,” I told her.

She was searching for a Father Figure, and for a moment, she saw the Rev. Then me, and for a minute she saw a sister, not an enemy. Dei Gratia.

Loving you, Diana.

Loving you,

There is a man in my dream, and he’s every woman’s hope. The chiseled face, the strong jaw, and the gorgeous smile, with a mind that can match his looks. The type that all swoon over, that I cannot seem to have. That I can’t seem to forget. The same man invading my heart and mind. The one who enemies wish for my death for, and the one I’d love to kiss.

There is a man in my dream, and he’s every man’s hope. The strength against violence, and the justice behind the struggle. The best friend in my visions, and the priest of charity. The golden skin, soft and sweet to the touch. The symbol of privilege.

Then there is me. A life predicted to be of toxic waste. A future despised by men and women, to be the carcass of sacrifice, still hoping for a breakthrough. Nothing inside me can be explained in a minute or an hour. It will take eons, books, sentences, prose, emotions, and forgiveness.

The longing in me, wishes for the dream, the hope, the love, the truth, and the forever. Time leaves me, behind with just the words and fruitless prayers. If, and only I can speak and honestly be with you.

Hereislovingyou, Diana

Loving you,

What love shed tears at the sound of my name? The struggle, the sorrows, all of the Earth’s demise laid down from my soul, to the feet of Love, who pained for me?

What sort of power lifted the bottomless pit through the sky? The same sky that saw blood, war, racism, hate, murder, and sibling rivalries. What power made such strengths?

How was it, this Love is ever soaring, and still, even when the world burned through the ground?

I am in LOVE! Not because man aroused me, but through the soul who LOVE brought to me, a mate who came serendipitiously. Centurion, what love brought such hope?

I want to fall in love with you.

Loving you,


Loving you,

Love, you forgave me. For the sulking out of my inhumane sufferring, which I sometimes boast to gain acceptance, pity, empathy, and attention.

Love, you forgave me. For the pain I often dwell inside with or without intent, only to find out that it takes a committment to love you, and to leap out of sorrows.

Love, you accept me. As I am. As broken, as healing, as trying, as awakening, as working through, as forgetting the past, as imperfection. That I am your daughter, whom you love, and you are mine.

Love, you accept me. For all the nonsense and idiosyncracies, and from tragedies after tragedies, and through abuse and violence. You love me, even when I cannot even recognize myself.

Loving you, Diana

Loving you,

I realize the world is beyond me. The love I have within my soul may not be enough. It takes all of the trillions of hearts, colliding in harmony, in unison, to begin this beautiful journey. A journey of hope and rebirth to breed more love.

I realize the problem we see in this universe is not just of me. The love we need for the next generation to embrace with sound mind, has to be purer than what we have now. It takes nurture, nature, miracles, tenderness, prodigious love that is beyond me, and even perhaps…beyond you.

However, we can all dream, work, and pray for supernatural growth, exponential, and dewy, moist with humanity and compassion. From minds, to hearts, and hearts to souls, and souls, to blood and works.

I just started, but with such youth of wisdom. I am uneducated of all knowledge, instead, I am gifted with might. Perhaps it’s just the romantic in me. The sweet surrender of my longing to Love, that moves me towards this journey. Perhaps, you feel the same.

Loving you,

Loving you,

Love deserves to grow.

The world is too ill, and there is nothing else but wounds and trauma. Humans kills animals, animals kills humans, until our grass turns red with blood from mosquitoes bites.

Love deserves to grow.

It is rightfully so, when the rest of the world is fighting for riches and money, but there is nothing to enjoy those prosperity with. Because our homes are being ripped apart and humanity is dying young.

Love deserves to grow.

So much of what the world wants has to do with currency, that blood, lives, and children are now subjected through it. What else is on sale? Everything is now a retail business, with trading souls for money and success, sacrificing lives for the sake of race, culture, religion, dollars.

Love deserves to grow.

It’s not about a political move, or superiority. When love comes, it breaks boundaries, breeds more love, gently blesses this universe.

Loving you,